Accurate Tick & Flea Spray For Dogs, Cats & Small Animals 500ml



Accurate Tick and Flea Spray For Dogs, Cats and Small Animals 500ml


ACCURATE™ SPRAY offers an all round protection for your pets and surroundings against FLEAS, TICKS, LICE, BUGS, MOSQUITOES, MAGGOTS. - ANTI FUNGAL/ BACTERIAL ACTION - TREAT MAGGOTS WOUND - DOES NOT PENETRATE INTO - BLOODSTREAMS - GENTLE ENOUGH FOR DAILY USE - NO SKIN/ EYE IRRITATIONS - PROMOTES HEALTHY SKIN/ COAT - LOW TOXICITY THUS SAFE FOR - ANIMALS/ HUMANS - NON STAINING AND ECO FRIENDLY After bathing pet, towel dry. Shake the product well and adjust nozzle before spraying onto pet's body ensuring that fur is wet thoroughly. Start from tail and work up towards the head. Massage round the head, neck,ears, paws and especially skin folds. Recommended to use before your pet travel outdoors too. As a further precaution, use ACCURATE™ SPRAY generously to treat your pet's immediate surroundings (e.g. Kennel, Bedding, Walls etc.) to break the parasite's egg cycle. Etofenprox is classified by WHO (Table 5) as unlikely to present acute hazard with normal use.

NETT WEIGHT: 500.00 ml


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